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Business Website Key Points to Consider

Mobile Friendly Website Importance

Is your website mobile friendly?

Did you know that Google actually gives higher rankings to sites that are mobile friendly?  Learn more about mobile friendly sites on Google Web Master Tools.  Not sure if your site is mobile friendly take the mobile friendly test.   You should never use a separate site for mobile.  Google penalizes pages with duplicate content.  Instead you should use a responsive design,   A responsive site looks the same no matter if it is viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and requires less development time and maintenance.

Is your website content current and relevant?

How often should you update your site content?  There is no rule for how often you should update your content.  However, users and search engines are more likely to hang around if your site is updated with current and relevant content.

Has your website source code been optimized?

Is your website’s source code optimized for organic SEO?  There are some simple source code updates that can be made to improve your Search Engine Ranking.

Does your website have visual appeal? Is it user friendly?

Does your site look professional?  Is it easy to use?  Your site is a reflection of your business.  If it is poorly designed potential customers will make the same assumptions about your company.

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