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Web Design Checklist

Simple & User-Friendly

A user-friendly website is designed with the user in mind.   Your website should be easy to navigate.  The content should tell a simple story about your product, business or service.

Responsive Design

A responsive website responds accordingly based on the device it is viewed on  to provide users with the most optimal experience.   Whether viewed from a mobile phone or laptop the experience is top notch!

Relevant Content

Website text and images should be relevant and centered around your customers needs and your business/ products keywords. Page content should be optimized so can be found organically in search engine results.

Pages Optimized for SEO

Website Page content should be optimized so that it can be found in search engine results.  Optimization includes things like page titles, description, header tags, image alt tags, inbound & outbound links.  

Keep Content Current

It's not enough to build a great website. Just like anything else your website requires maintenance. Website content should be updated frequently so it remains relevant. Updating your site frequently can actually boost search engine rankings.

Website Maintenance

Your website will require ongoing maintenance to keep your site running smooth.  These updates may include things like site back ups, WordPress version, website theme , plugins, hosting software updates, database optimization/clean up and more.

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